One of my most favorite piece of historical jewelry is the cameo. When you think of the cameo, you think of the elegance and true craftsmanship of a true carved cameo. They hold so much history and were made out of stone of great artistry and were made in Greece dating back as far as the 3rd century BC.

   I have quite a nice collection for the beginner collector, cameo loving wearer and to collectors. I have MANY that are not shown in MANY different type of mediums! Ages from the Victorian era, Edwardian era, Art Deco era through the 1970's! (MOST ARE NOT SHOWN-PLEASE COME Into the STORE TO SEE!)

   Many stunning and amazing carved shell cameos in 10k, 14k, gold filled, vermeil, pinchbeck, gold plated, sterling, etc.

I have MANY different mediums in glass, plastic, bake-lite, lucite, conch shell, sardonyx, carnelian, en habille's (with diamonds) coral, celluloid, gutta percha, synthetic ruby, black-white onyx, mother of pearl, rhinestone cameos and more! In low relief, high relief, intaglios, brooches, pendants and brooches, pendants and brooches in one, bracelets, earrings in screw backs, clip ons, pierced, rings, etc.!

   Cameos in all mediums come in many different sizes. As small as a dime or as big as the palm of my hand, as it is what you are looking for!

   I have collectors cameos from the Victorian era and forward and cameos that need loved again to the 1970's!

   Many different prices from $5.00 up to the $1,000.00+ mark. ALL CAMEOS ARE NOT SHOWN!

   Come on in and take a peek! You'll love them like I do!!!



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