Picture1862-1865 12k seed pearl mourning brooch. Please see $20.00 bill below
  If you are truly into history, take your time to read this and understand exactly what this is!

  This is America's history from the Civil War. This is a 12k tested, center count of 7 natural seed pearls and mourning brooch on the back. This brooch dates back to 1862 to 1865 along with an original, authentic Confederate $20.00 bill. This is a package deal. Both come together as I will not separate. $379.00 for both, which is extremely fair for these 2 pieces of history.

  Please read the history of this set as this comes from the original family, handed down with the history of both pieces.

  The family has asked me not to give any private information such as identity and I will respect that. :0) This brooch was given by a gentleman to his wife before he went into the Civil War in 1862. We will call him John. John took a needle and pricked his finger until it bled a drop of blood on a piece of paper. He took that paper and put it in the back of this brooch and gave it to his wife, we will call Mary to have close to her heart.

  Mary wore the brooch every day after he went into the war. She was in a quilting guild and made quilts for the soldiers and made one for her husband and hoped that it would personally reach him. Before she sent the quilt off to find John, she cut a piece of fabric and put it on top of the piece of paper that has the drop of blood in the mourning brooch John gave her before he left for the war.

  Some how, some way, John made it home at the end of the war in 1865 and brought this $20.00 bill home with him. Mary took the brooch off after they reunited and put it in a drawer as she no longer needed to keep a drop of her husband's blood close to heart, she had her husband back! The $20.00 that John came home with went into the same drawer and the brooch and $20.00 bill stayed together as a remembrance for both of them together.

  The brooch and $20.00 bill has been handed down in the family in the generations and I was approached to purchase them as the family that finally had this, understands the history it holds and wants to share the history and significance that these two pieces have to offer to Civil War collectors. The bill has been authenticated.
I was asked by the family to keep both of these items together and I will do as promised. So, these 2 pieces of history and are truly part of our past and are extremely significant in history's story.



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