Extremely high end, unsigned and stunning 1960's bib-collar multi-color rhinestone necklace with front clasp. All rhinestones are in beautiful condition!

   Colors are in Hyacinth, Peridot, Black Diamond, Citrine and Aurora Borealis chatons and navettes. Front clasp with tail front for more uniqueness and beauty!

   Extensive research has been done on this stunning beauty. Research points to Delizza & Elster whom manufactured for many high end designers and this can possibly be attributed to Vendome or another they manufactured for. This is one you definitely need to see in person!!! Quite a stunner!!! $389.00

   Pics don't show how amazing this really is!!!

   (I truly feel this is a Delizza & Elster, although book author Katerina Musetti has told me that she has showed this necklace to Mr. Delizza and he has stated that it is not his personal design. It has been proven that he says items at a later date were part of their designs when declining them prior.)



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