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A 10ct gold rare Fede Gimmel ring from circa 1800-1820. It opens to reveal 2 hearts. These rings are few and far between!

   The fede ring has a long history dating back to antiquity. The major hallmark of this type of ring is the motif of two right hands traditionally one female and the other male, clasped together and holding a heart. Known from the original Italian “mani in fedeandrdquo; (hands in faith or trust), it was quite popular during the Renaissance and given as a token of betrothal.

   A gimmel ring is composed of two or more bands joined together with a tiny pin that acts as a pivot enabling the bands to swivel, align and come together to form one ring to symbolize the union of two people.

   Pivots with ease, no issues. I would suggest not to resize this beauty as it would take away all of the exquisite artwork. The hands come apart perfectly and come together perfectly and hold just like it was brand new.

   EXTREMELY RARE AND HARD TO FIND. In EXQUISITE condition for being minimum 216+ years old! This is history my friends! This is something you need to see in person to understand and love! $689.00



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