This is amazing! This is an early 1970's "Saint Christopher Protect Us" medallion pendant with the original Belcher chain.

   The medallion is the size of a dime. I have placed a dime exactly over the medallion and the medallion has a lip that is just a tad over the dime, although it isn't see in photos. The back of the medallion is blank and is ready to be engraved. This medallion tests 14k, although isn't marked.

   The chain is called a Belcher chain which is a type of trace chain of which the links, made of D-section wire, are broad and of equal length. It is marked 14k Italy. The chain is 18.5 inches in length.

   This is in excellent condition and is unisex. Traditionally, St. Christopher is regarded as the Saint of protection, particularly in relation to travel.

   Pendants with his image are therefore very popular and treasured by many. $349.00



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